Our solutions

Reliable systems, high quality components


Low Voltage systems for rural areas

We address the need of small sized installations like farms or off-grid areas for rural electrification. From Papua New Guinea to Senegal, we provide pragmatic solutions.

High Voltage BESS

High demanding power plants

Our mini-grid technology coupled to a utility-scale battery system allows a seamless connection to both, renewable and centralized energy sources. We power high demanding clients like hospitals or big industries at a MegaWatt scale.

Off-Grid Controller

Stay in control

Off-Grid controller is our smart software solution for monitoring and control. The platform ensures a constant support as well as the high longevity of your energy system.

Container and Sun Hat

Plug-and-play solution

Our containerized solution allows for safe transport, heat protection as well as fast deployment of our systems. Our mounting structure, the so-called Sun Hat, is the perfect addition to our containerized solution

Productive energy use

Much Cooler

With our new cooling solution, we want to support farmers in the preservation of their harvest. This is one of the keys for secure nutrition and stable prices.